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Heard this song a few days ago and immediately fell in love with it!

Love me tender,
love me sweet,
never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so.

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Tommy Flanagan at #sdcc with a special shoutout for all the #soafx fans [X]

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Science teacher: What is the difference between venom and poison?
Me: Venom is black metal and Poison is glam metal.


Henry Rollins (video)

"As bad as life gets, life is fucking awesome man- You’re all breathing and that’s the coolest man. And you have to go with that cause there’s nothing else to go with. That’s the only break you get. You get to live tomorrow, you get to go on, you get to move forward and it might not seem like much but for me is.. right now is all I’m hanging on to- I want you to live two ways: long and strong.”

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what’s up? // 4 non blondes

and so i wake in the morning and i step outside
and i take a deep breath and i get real high
and i scream from the top of my lungs, “what’s going on?”

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